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Made of Nowhere

11th, 12th, 13th Aug 7.30pm £10 After scraping together his last few pounds Dave Jarman packs a tent, hitches a lift north and walks the Coast to Coast route across a bitter island. A boisterous blend of ...


12th, 13th Aug 6pm, 14th Aug 6pm & 9pm £10 Jake is about one young woman’s love affair with actor Jake Gyllenhaal*. Part romantic epic**, part group therapy session***, this one-woman show ...

Letting Go

15th, 16th, 17th Aug 9pm £10 A man pries into the lives of a couple having an affair on his morning commute, in a bleak, darkly comic satire on how we live our lives through social media. Featuring ...

Love & Tigers

15th, 16th, 17th Aug 6pm £8 Love & Tigers is a one man show exploring what it is to be a brother, a son, and a man. It asks if you’ve ever loved someone so much, you’d do anything for them. ...


17th & 18th Aug 3pm £10 In a post-apocalyptic bunker, Eva, is held against her will by Snake and The Genesis Project. Humanity as we know it extinguished and Eva’s DNA, without consent, is the ...

Match Day

17th, 18th Aug 4.30pm, 19th, 20th Aug 7.30pm £10 Unscathed Theatre will be making their Camden Fringe debut with their second original production following the success of their last show, ...


18th – 21st Aug 6pm £8 Some of the most complex love stories are between friends. When Belinda’s engagement sees her reunited with Alice, it feels like no time has passed. But as well-wishing ...