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Plinky Plonk

8th & 9th August 9pm £10 Immerse yourself in the seamless blend of comedy and live music at “Plinky Plonk.” Four skilled improvisers, accompanied by a master pianist, create an hour of ...


9th & 10th August 6pm £15/12 “To breed, or not to breed – that is the question!” Are children really the meaning of life? When you’re 40+ and staring down the barrel of infertility… should ...

Say Goodbye to London

11th August 9pm £7 Witness Norris Jones’ gripping journey from innocent ambition to ruthless desperation. As his dreams of being a stand-up comic get side tracked for the allure of internet notoriety ...

How You Died

12th & 13th August 7.30pm £12/10 ‘A’ and ‘B’ are childhood friends, who are catching up after ten years. ‘A’ was a successful lawyer and ‘B’ was a famous children’s presenter. There’s only one thing ...


14th, 15th August 7.30pm & 16th August 4.30pm £13/9 Cloakroom Inventory: Emma Cater’s debut play celebrates theatre and the people who work in it. A new comedy drama about life, love, loss and lost ...