The Improvised Adventures of Star Captain

15th & 16th August 6pm £8

Buckle up for a rollercoaster ride through the cosmos with our audacious hero Star Captain and their trusty sidekick Number Two as they grapple with intergalactic villains, alien lifeforms, and the odd wormhole or two. No script? No problem! This quick-witted duo thrive on spontaneity, creating a unique and hilarious space saga, on the spot, at every performance.

Expect the unexpected as the Star Captain navigates through the unpredictable world of extraterrestrial encounters and starship showdowns. Get ready to split your sides laughing at their misadventures and cheer for their triumphs. Every show is a fresh, thrilling journey through the vast, uncharted territories of space and comedy. This is the perfect show for those looking for a good laugh and a dash of interstellar action.

Bring your imagination and join us in the realm of the unknown, where the only limit is the speed of light!

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