Words Without Consent

9th – 11th August 6pm £12/10

2Gal Theatre Company present Words Without Consent

Using the exact words spoken by both prominent figures and from their interviews with everyday women, Words Without Consent is a verbatim play telling two stories: an increasingly out of control debate, and two gals getting ready to go out (like, out out.) Satirising both well known political faux-pas and those that have been swept under the rug, 2Gal invites the audience to laugh at the ridiculous state of the current political landscape. By jumping between lecterns and lip-gloss, from the political stage to the bedroom of a London flat, we reveal how the words of politicians directly impact us all. After all, when Brexit becomes legs-it and pussies are up for grabs, even a trip to Tesco gets you more than you bargained for.

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