“To breed, or not to breed – that is the question!”

Are children really the meaning of life? When you’re 40+ and staring down the barrel of infertility… should you or would you change your mind?

When I was young, my mother eyeballed me and said: “Don’t let society make you feel like a failure if you don’t have children!”. From that moment on, I lived my life like a self-defining, free-flying Queen, but now … this biological clock is nearly ticking its last tock… and it’s truly the Final Countdown!

Was what my Mama said a blessing or a curse? Am I child-free by choice, or by chance? What came first: the chicken or the egg? How can you find the answer when everyone’s got an opinion?

Strap-in, this “hilarious” fast-paced physical-comedy rollercoaster will have you screaming for more. it’s going to be a bumpy bump-free ride!

Written, produced and performed by Stephanie Ware.
Directed by Peta Lily.
Dramaturg by Peta Lily & Jon Pashley.
Devised with help from Emma Joy Edwards.

Stephanie Ware has been performing as Weimar Vixen Cabaret Extraordinaire: Eva Von Schnippisch for over 12 years, with 2 fringe-hit, action-packed musicals under her belt… This is her first production as “herself”.

“You’ll go for the banter… but you’ll stay for the heart”

“it’s Ware’s physical comedy that creates the real transformation. Some of the biggest laughs came from the smallest and most nuanced of movements, and its this physicality that is the star of the show”

“Anyone that can make me feel that deeply, that quickly, whilst wearing a hat shaped like a vulva is a winner in my eyes.”

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