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Short Film Selection No 9

RATW still 1

Rachel and the Wulf

(21 mins) UK

A struggling young actress silently braves a humiliating audition and claws her way through her day job only to endure a torturous Friday night dinner with her mother and extended family. A darkly humorous and unflinching look at repression, alienation and the pressures that prevent us facing up to them.

Dir: Marcus Hawk


The Cheat & God

(9 mins) UK

Struggling with his novel, Bren takes a break from writing only to discover his central character waiting for him in the kitchen. And she is not too happy he’s trying to kill her off. But can he be talked around or will she have to turn to more desperate methods? Dir: David R Roberts


Momento Mori

(13 mins) Germany

`Do you fear death? Don´t be frightened…´
A boy spends hours on a busy holiday-beach. His impressions and thoughts intertwine to a current perception, that is concerned with transience. The cinematic essay `Memento Mori´ understands life and death as a unit and questions the fear of death.


Only Child

(17 mins) UK

A gypsy couple struggle to grieve the loss of the child they conceived during an affair. Dir: Andy Toovey

A Short Film Splash

A Short Film

(6 mins) UK

Frankie’s angry. In fact, he’s really angry. In a series of manic attempts to cure his ‘Short Man Syndrome’, he’s trying everything from protein shakes to steroid injections. However, Frankie’s deepest, darkest question remains to be answered: Will he always be the only goldfish in an ocean of blue whales? Dir: Jasper Valentine

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