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Shorts Selection No7

Not Sophie's Choice - Landscape - w laurels - WEB 11_03Not Sophie’s Choice

(7 mins) UK

When a husband and wife attempt to break some sad and life-changing news to their ten year old daughter Sophie, their disclosures are far from what anyone could expect. Staring Catheine Tate & Alex MacQueen. Dir: Matt Holt




Adobe Photoshop PDFThe River

(11 mins) UK

Recently bereaved by the death of his trumpet-playing brother, a lonesome, naïve boy seeks hope in a sinister boat and the trumpet sound it emanates. An eerie contemporary rites of passage fantasy set against the backdrop of a grieving, broken family. Dir: James Quinn






The John

(8 mins) UK

’THE JOHN’ is a black comedy about the dangers of combining water, electricity and sexual experimentation. Starring Richard Glover (Sightseers) and Laura Dale (Sherlock), and featuring music by The Fat White Family. Dir: Dominic Hicks




Muck final poster (little) Muck

(15 mins) UK

Babs is a wife to a frustrated husband and a mother to an autistic son. An incident on the farm forces her into a terrible life changing choice.

Dir: Sonya Quayle



Ministry of Guilt PosterMinistry of Guilt

(10 mins) UK

This darkly humorous short thriller is set against the nightmarish scenario of 24/7 surveillance, privacy invasion. Sam Smith is woken by the late-night delivery of threatening notes through his letterbox. Each note more disturbing than the last. What did you do, Sam? The clock is ticking. Dir: Detsky Graffam



Poster Postmodern Pioneer Plaque

The Postmodern Pioneer Plaque

(8 mins) Spain

In 1973 Carl Sagan created the Pionner Plaque for the NASA Pioneer 10 mission. It was Humanity’s first message for extraterrestrial civilizations. Today, four decades later, the World gets together to collectively compose a new message…

Dir: Boris Kozlov


MV5BMTA3ODU3MjIxNDdeQTJeQWpwZ15BbWU4MDc2MzMyMzYx._V1_UY268_CR2,0,182,268_AL_The Loneliest Time

THE LONELIEST TIME is a glimpse in the life of British soldier takes a mental and physical rendezvous in London with a high priced call girl to get his head on straight.. The film takes a different look at P.T.S.D. and a unique coping mechanism to keep the “war” from the family. Dir Cort Kristensen



Green Screen Play, © Karla Gowlett

© Karla Gowlett

One Tw*t

(11 mins) UK

Julie’s connection to her brother is so strong it stops her meeting a man. That is, until Bradley shows up and starts competing for her attention

Dir: Ben Mallaby


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