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Short Film Selection No5

Podróżnik 70The Traveller

(5 mins) Poland

Piotr is a passenger on a night train. He falls in and out of sleep until his dreams start taking over reality on the night train and becomes nightmares. Piotr’s longing for something else in life is put into words by a fellow passenger.

Dir: Franklin Henriksen



Ambre 1(Little) Red Riding Hood

(5 mins) France

Once upon a time, there was a little girl, the most beautiful little girl one could ever see, who lived in a town near the forest and everyone called her Little Red Riding Hood. As she was going to visit her grandmother who was hill, dawdling along in the woods… What happened next? Nothing you’ve ever heard before…

Dir: Daniel Jenny




(9 mins) UK

STILL tells the story of Mal, as he comes to terms with the difficult news that the man responsible for his father’s death has been released from prison.

Dir: Jonathon Bulter




(9 Mins) Serbia

A chance encounter between two men with a shared point in the past. A game of destiny or cosmic justice? This time the balance of power has shifted. Is it time to settle the score? Screenplay is based on the short story RAZOR by Vladimir Nabokov. Dir: Rajko Ristanovic





(19 mins) Italy

After the father’s death a man gets on a train and stops in a country town. Takes a room in a boarding house run by a mother and her young daughter. The girl seduces the man and the man rapes her. The man pays for his stay and escapes.

Dir: Federico Olivetti

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