UVFF: Shorts 2

29th April 3.30pm £8

Shorts 2  3.30pm  87 mins

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The Monster (Directed by Bob Pipe, UK)

Trying to resurrect his successful career from the early 20th century, an iconic monster, takes a part in a modern day slasher film. A true gent, he finds the medium distasteful but falls in love with his leading lady who convinces him that he is “Amazing” and that he shouldn’t be afraid to be who is. When he over hears Madeleine and his fellow actors bad mouthing him he decides to take her advice and the cast and crew learn what horror truly is…

Boris in the Forest (Robert Hackett, UK)

A black comedy about a Californian geek in search of his horror hero Boris Karloff.

Love is Vein (Nicole Reddy, Australia)

A lonely vampire tries to use a dating app, but can’t take a selfie (because she has no reflection).

This story has a strong, contemporary social message about not seeing yourself reflected, and finding a way to overcome this regardless. It also involves themes of intercultural dating, and loving someone for who they are – not their exterior.

Professional Paranoia (Matthew Heaven, UK)

A young man working late in a deserted office is subjected to a series of odd occurrences that he struggles to understand.

The Victim (Jonny Evers, UK)

When Theo finds an injured young woman at his door, he becomes the unfortunate victim of a deadly epidemic.

If you answer the door, you might be next…

Pollution of the Heart (Oliwia Siem, UK/Poland)

Some losses leave a scar.

Torn between a high-maintenance girlfriend and his emotionally unstable mother, David finds himself drawn to rituals of death. An old photo may hold the key to his vivid and inexplicable experiences. Is David’s quest for the truth more urgent than the needs of the two women in his life? And what part does their sinister neighbour have to play?

Enter the Cowboy (Jack Hansen, Denmark)

A lone Cowboy searches the land for his lost brother, to revenge the death of their father and sensei. Along with his female companion, they kill every desperado in sight to reach their goal. She uses her pistols, and he uses his kung-fu!

Stone on Stone (Mohsen Serajian, Iran)

An Iranian traditional family have decided to kill an innocent woman because of adultery. Her husband`s friend is commissioned to do the murder. He took the woman out of the city to do what he was told. But, during their conversation. . .

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Over 18’s only, limited access for people with disabilities, no admittance for latecomers.

Hen & Chickens Theatre

109 St Paul’s Road

London N1 2NA