Unrestricted View (Online) Film Festival – Thursday 16th July

Due to COVID-19 we have taken the decision to move the Unrestricted View Film Festival online.

Here is the festival brochure:

How this works:

You buy a ticket (either a day pass or a festival pass) and the day before the screening you will be sent a link and password (so keep an eye on spam just in case!). Each day the line up of films available changes.

Thursday 16th July

The 3 screenings are:


Dir: Manu Bodin
Feature 105 mins

Two couples.
Apparently everything is fine. Partners are appreciated and respected. In private, the problems come to light. Love and sexuality are not in harmony. An encounter. An unexpected upheaval. Interference. Lives are changing. Some, for the better. Others, for the worse. Only nothing remains eternal …

Archeologist of the Wasteland

Dir: Melvin Zed
Documentary 55 mins

The story of Adrian Bennett and his quest. A man who left the cold and greyish England to settle in the middle of the Australian desert because of his passion for Mad Max. He opened a Museum about his favorite movie and the fan turned curator. One day, he heards a rumour, some cars from the movie could have been buried in the ground after the shooting. His passion then takes a new step.

Shorts 4

Escort (Dir: Gyulyara Meliki) UK
Francois (Dir: Ross Syner) UK
Boy (Dir: Isabelle Schapira) Belgium
Gestalt (Dir: Daniel Fazio) UK
Coffin Decollete (Dir: Nancy Kamal) Egypt
Sidepiece (Dir: Teddy Tenenbaum) USA
Fuggiro Tanto Amore (Dir: Raúl Lorite) Spain