Unrestricted View Horror Film Festival – Wednesday 28th October

Wednesday 28th October – Festival pass – £25, Daily pass – £10.

Due to the Coronavirus, we have taken the decision to take Unrestricted View Horror Film Festival 2020 online. A LINK AND CODE WILL BE EMAILED OUT TO TICKET HOLDERS 24/48 HOURS BEFORE THE SCREENING DAY.

Live or Let Die

Director: Manuel Urbaneck


96 minutes

Through an outbreak of a virus, the human race has come near to extinction.
The undead walks among the land and hunts the living.The very few that are left, aimlessly searching for a better tomorrow.The Survivor and lone wolf Nick (Jan Bohlenschmidt) finds an old Diary that contains a map, his last chance for hope to a Safer sanctuary.
After a bloody encounter with reckless John (Manuel Urbaneck), both get together and wander through the dead and destroyed Land.Day after day it´s a hard fight of survival for their own lives, after they encounter a group of brutal thugs, murderers, and thieves things get out of control.
Quickly the two realize that one thing is clear.
Among the dead, the survivors develop into a greater threat!


Little Terrors 3

As the Devil Drives (Ireland) Dir: Callum Patrick O’Brien

Time’s Up (UK) Dir: Callum Metcalfe

#Pornrevenge (Spain) Dir: Ignacio Lopez Vacas

Black Moon (USA) Dir: Ryan Graff

Malum Aeterni (Italy) Dir: Luigi Scarpa

The Babysitter (UK) Dir: David Hume

Hunters (UK) Dir: Dylan Green

The Final Girl (UK) Dir: Steven James Griffiths