Unrestricted View Horror Film Festival – Thursday 29th October

Thursday 29th October – Festival pass – £25, Daily pass – £10.

Due to the Coronavirus, we have taken the decision to take Unrestricted View Horror Film Festival 2020 online. A LINK AND CODE WILL BE EMAILED OUT TO TICKET HOLDERS 24/48 HOURS BEFORE THE SCREENING DAY.


Director: David Bryant


80 minutes

Following the brutal murder of his wife and son on Christmas Eve, agoraphobic John fights to cope with life alone. His home has become both a shrine to his lost family and a prison to himself. He now relies on anti-depressants and visits from his psychiatrist to cling on to his sanity.

When strange happenings start to occur during the night, John believes that his family has returned and is trying to contact him – but as events escalate, his mental health worsens, until he nears total psychological collapse.

Just when he needs a friend the most, Bobby appears… but things are about to turn deadly, as John finally learns the chilling truth about his family’s deaths.


Little Terrors 4

Close (UK) Dir: Emily Bowell & Thomas Attwood

Mr Clean (Sweden) Dir: Lee Bailes

Rip to the Rescue (Ireland) Dir: Paudie Baggott

Little Jack Rawlins (UK) Dir: Jason Gregg

Deadly Scare (UK) Dir: Radosvet Nikolov

Cassandra (USA) Dir: David E. Tolchinsky

Margin of Terror (UK) Dir: Kieran McLister

Venus Project (Italy) Dir: William Mussini