Unrestricted View Horror Film Festival – Monday 26th October

Monday 26th October – Festival pass – £25, Daily pass – £10.

Due to the Coronavirus, we have taken the decision to take Unrestricted View Horror Film Festival 2020 online. A LINK AND CODE WILL BE EMAILED OUT TO TICKET HOLDERS 24/48 HOURS BEFORE THE SCREENING DAY.

Daytime Nightmare

Director: Katrina Grey


85 Minutes

Aspiring actress Lucy finds her life crippled by intense migraines while taking a strong painkillers. The headaches develop into terrifying visions of friends and strangers repeatedly killing her. When her ghostly inner self follows her into the real world, Lucy pops more of pills, desperate to shake it. A doctor attributes her worsening condition to exhaustion, despite a family history of schizophrenia. Lucy endures an endless cycle of murders, every time waking up seconds later. She finds herself in a loop of bizarre hallucinations. Dazed by medication, Lucy realises that she’s now living inside her own worst nightmare, her daytime nightmare. 


Little Terrors 1

Guest (UK) Dir: Finn Callan

Run. Hide. Pray (USA) Dir: Liz Lugo

Sins of the Father (UK) Dir: Peter McKeirnon

The Last Confession (UK) Dustin Curtis Murphy

Heathens (USA) Dir: Carlos Garcia Jr.

Grace (Germany) Dir: Konstantin Egerndorfer