Unrestricted View Horror Film Festival 2021 – Day 7

31st October 2021


Shorts 4

Smiles (Dir: Javier Chavanel) Spain

Borja is about to meet his girlfriend´s parents. This is meant to be a tricky moment and even awkward. However, he hasn´t even imagined what he´s going to suffer next. The best way to overcome the situation: to give smile and wait.

The Stain (Dir: Shoresh Vakili) Iran

The old cinema cleaner has to take care of a stain on the screen left by the previous movie.

Hangnail (Dir: Colin MacDonald) Canada

That hanging piece of skin. That painful chunk of tissue that won’t let go. You rip and tear at it, but the flesh holds on. This common nuisance turns into a grisly nightmare in Hangnail.

Stay Alert (Dir: Lou Elsey, Dave Elsey) UK

Like many people during the Covid lockdown, Ambers lifestyle has already become much more complicated. She wears her mask, does her best to social distance, watches what she eats, and likes to take an invigorating run in the old cemetery away from people.
However an ominous stranger has taken a dangerous and unhealthy interest in her, and after a deadly game of cat and mouse, blood will be shed.

RKLSS (Dir: Tank Standing Buffalo) Canada

Tank, a natural artist who is always drawing, runs into trouble with the law with his gang of friends. Tank is convicted, jailed, and subjected to solitary confinement and intense brutality. His art allows him to escape his terrible conditions. He discovers his own native spirituality while in jail, and through his art, finds a way to be in the world, and to reflect on his own reality.

Don’t Walk (Dir: Hannah George) UK

Walkers Jon and Val have always played it safe in life, but a life threatening illness makes them throw caution to the wind – with devastating results.

The Lake Parasite (Dir: Joe Reilly) USA

Toxic waste runoff from a luxury resort creates a lake monster which wreaks havoc on the exclusive resort town.



Shorts 5

Room 217 (Dir: Srwsht Abarash) Iraq

A young man checks into room 217 in an old hotel on a rainy night. Soon he begins to experience hallucinations that lead him to believe he is living the same time over and over again. He frantically tries to find a way out of this strange time loop with the help of the hotel manager.

Wich (Dir: Anthony Williams) USA

It seemed like any ordinary day. Until it wasn’t.

On Air (Dir: Syd Heather) UK

In a recording studio, a young sound engineer discovers her mixing board has mysterious abilities, putting her in a position of power over the obnoxious recording artist making her professional life hell.

Hide or Seek (Dir: Brian Newell) USA

Andrew introduces his boyfriend to his childhood friends by playing a nostalgic – and terrifying – game of Hide and Seek. The game turns deadly when he discovers someone from his past hiding in the shadows, out for violent revenge.

Sibilum (Dir: Luigi Scarpa) Italy

A mother and daughter in a quiet city flat. The sound of a coffee machine marks the passing of time on a quiet evening.
Everything seems normal… but it is only the beginning

Born to be Damned III (Dir: Alan Baccus) France

A young mother is woken in the middle of the night by her daughter who seems to be asking for help. But when she gets to the bedroom, she realizes that her daughter is still sleeping…

Fat Camp (Dir: Sacha Pavlovic) Canada

A group of husky gents attend a repurposed kids Fat Camp in hopes of shedding a few pounds and getting in shape. But when an ex-camper, believed to have drowned at the camp twenty years ago returns, determined to kill the hell out of everyone, the campers’ shift focus from losing a little weight, to saying alive.

The Killer in Cursed Water (Dir: Laurent Ardoint, Stephane Duprat) France

Cindy and Quentin are spending a romantic week-end by a lake. But a killer is prowling and he could hide a greater threat.



Shorts 6

Bee-El (Dir: CJ Vecchio) USA

A bullied young girl befriends a mysterious entity that’s inside her closet to do her bidding. Hell hath no fury like a little girl scorned!

Puff (Dir: Zara Symes) UK

A young pregnant woman dealing with anxiety and a constant sense that she is in danger struggles to get a good night sleep.

The Glamorgan Strangler (Dir: Kristian Kane, Lewis Carter) UK

In 2019 a local video production company gained unprecedented access to an active serial killer while filming a brand film.
The following footage has since surfaced.
The crew have not…

Split (Dir: Richard Anthony Dunford) UK

A Serial Killer stalks and kidnaps his Neighbour; a young nurse dolled up for a night out. The Killer takes the victim to a remote woodland area to bury the body, unaware she is still alive…

A Short Horror Film (Dir: Sau Dachi) Ireland

A film crew meet at a secret location to discuss the future of their feature film. But they’ll soon realise, they’ve got another thing coming…

Viola (Dir: Paul W Franklin) UK

Tim and Jo arrive at a holiday rental, where they find a ‘smart device’ called Viola. However, throughout the evening the device starts playing up, and it seems they may not be the only ones occupying the house.

What Next? (Dir: Suman Hanif) UK

A young woman moves out of her hometown, leaving behind a dark past, and now desperately seeks a normal life but instead comes to face unsettling supernatural events and all this during a national lockdown. When matters get really serious, she phones a friend but he isn’t convinced with her story having witnessed her mental health struggles in the past.

Prank (Dir: Robert Duncan) UK

A late night freshers party spirals out of control when the lads discover a partier has died and they must decide what to do with the body.

Now Following You (Dir: Patrick Foster) Ireland

A lonely girl eager to increase her social media presence gets a new second hand phone but she can see someone through the camera lens.

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