Unrestricted View Horror Film Festival 2020 (revisited) Day 5

24th September 7.30pm

A selection of shorts films from the 2020 Unrestricted View Horror Film Festival.

Everyone Laugh at Leanne (Dir: M W Daniels)

Leanne Higgis has the perfect life and perfect boyfriend but as her paranoia takes over her life, she spirals out of control.

The Final Girl (Dir: Steven James Griffiths)

Simon breaks down at a country farm where he finds Becky. Battered and beaten, Simon begins to realise she is the sole survivor of a horrific attack, like the horror movies he loves so much. The Final Girl. This short answers the question, what happens when the after the slasher movie has finished?

Are You Sleeping? (Dir: Crystal Yu)

Struggling with sleep deprivation for weeks on end, one man’s search for relief awakens his deepest fear.

The Witch Hunters Are Coming (Dir: James Atkins)

Spoof reality TV documentary following a day at work for two London council witch hunters.

Black Moon (Dir: Ryan Graff)

On her walk home, a young mother is lured into a tunnel, unaware of what has been awoken inside on the night of a black moon.

The Monster (Dir: Bob Pipe)

A bloody love story…

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