Unrestricted View Film Festival 2023: Day Seven – Shorts 5, Shorts 6 & Shorts 7

30th April 1pm, 3pm & 5pm £8 (per screening), £12 (Day Pass) & £30 (Full Festival Pass)

Shorts 5 – 1pm

Waving – Directed by Rolfin Nyhus & Steven Brumwell (UK)

An unflinchingly honest portrayal of the devastating reality behind the misunderstood anxiety disorder of OCD, starring Ralph Ineson (‘The VVitch’ – Robert Eggers, ‘The Ballad of Buster Scruggs’ – Coen Brothers, ‘The Green Knight’ – James Lowry and ‘The Tragedy Of Macbeth’ – Coen Brothers).

The Holiday Maker – Directed by Harry Mead (UK)

After she can’t financially afford to travel on her dream holiday, a young woman named Emily decides to build a miniature model wonderland of her dream destinations.

The White Costume – Directed by Baset Zandi (Iran)

A student boy who is interested in video cameras returns home from school and picks up their family video camera. Then it seems he comes across a recorded video that puts him and his parents in an unexpected situation based on the Oedipus complex.

Salesmen – Directed by Dylan Green (UK)

A young struggling, directionless salesman stumbles across a new-fangled religious movement while desperately trying to make a sale.

Hometopia – Directed by Xiaoyu Ma (UK)

Hometopia briefly reflects the ubiquitous but wildly despised British council housing. The animation takes on the tone of a child’s fairy tale, depicting the bizarre experience of entering a dazzling estate and later getting lost in an illusionary utopian world.

Highs – Directed by Louis Chan (UK)

When a mid-life crisis hits John’s perfect life, he discovers the lengths he is willing to go to for love.

Say What – Directed by Stephen Maddox (UK)

A couple fumble through an evening together while communicating through dysfunction with big news to share.

The Sleepover – Directed by Zoe Janice Wakelam (UK)

A young woman trying to connect with her emotionally distant grandmother, stays with her for the weekend in an attempt at friendship.

World Fiction – Directed by Darryl Duah-Boateng (UK)

A tongue in cheek satire about a young American man caught in the wrath of a Chinese crime boss, attempts to free himself from a hostage situation by engaging in a compelling philosophical debate.

Shorts 6 – 3pm

Sonar – Directed by James Hughes (UK)

A swimmer detects an unusual sound late at night and she decides to investigate.

Wild Angel –  Directed by Zara Eleni Woolf (UK)

Wild Angel follows the coming of age journey of bisexual teen “Angel” as she navigates the first steps in pursuit of her dream career.

Reaching Four – Directed by Katherine Press (UK)

Following a horrific accident, young mum Clare, a chronic OCD sufferer, has become isolated from her family. She’s at tipping point, trapped by her overpowering condition yet terrified of losing those she loves.

A love Letter to Depression – Directed by Jesse Roth (UK)

In this visual poem, the writer and performer Haleem explores his own mental-health by writing a letter to his depression.

Still Alive – Directed by Etienne Guignard (France)

In a dreamlike and metaphorical world, an adult abandons a child to sink into a dark and uncertain future. The child will face his greatest fears to try to reconnect with this adult he sorely needs.

Supervision – Directed by Sophie Colquhoun (UK)

Bea, an isolated and psychologically abused girl decides that rather than turn into her mother, she will instead become a spider. The decision to transform herself into a spider is one that propels her through an otherwise empty existence until the discovery that her mother too had tried to do the same in her youth. This transgenerational wound, bonds mother and daughter under the shadow of the spider and all that could’ve been.

Good Grief – Directed by Robert Sharp (UK)

Four mothers experience the agony of child loss in a film that highlights the importance of grief. Featuring BAFTA winner Vicky McClure (This is England)

Two Stars Short – Directed by Zak Klein (UK)

A bridesmaid clashes with her cab driver over a tense journey to her friend’s wedding.

Spot the Indifference – Directed by Paul Rodriguez (UK)

Lilly is having trouble communicating with her distracted boyfriend so she finds a way to get his attention.

Shorts 7 – 5pm

Vulnerable – Directed By Adam Bellamy

Among the peace and quiet of the rural English countryside, a young couple on a weekend camping break stop by a quaint village shop for supplies. As George enters, his girlfriend stuck outside talking to a local busy-body, he finds himself paralysed by shock, alone with the shopkeeper; a previously convicted man who groomed him as a child 22 years ago, Mr Amble.

III Minuten – Directed by Jens Kipper

Half a Second – Directed by Tamara Ly & Clément Chamard

Evie, a 27-year-old hmong woman, attempts on her life.
Carried away into her subcouscious, her memories bring to light her deepest buried traumas.

Fifty-Four Days – Directed by Cat White & Phoebe Torrance

When tragedy strikes, a spirited young woman turns to wild swimming in search of answers. By swimming each day at dawn and forming an unlikely friendship, she learns to accept her grief and the grief of those around her.

What to Wear – Directed by John Christopher

A young boy and his mother struggle to decide on what to wear.

The Interview – Directed by Paul Bertellotti

An eager candidate goes all out to get the job, but will he make the cut?

Voices – Directed by Abbie Lucas

When moving into their new home, Tara and Drew are alarmed when they overhear their neighbours arguing. As the voices get louder and more violent, they must decide if it’s their responsibility to act.

Do Not Touch – Directed by James Newman & Harrison Newman

An adulterer who discovers his one-night stand is now the subject of an art exhibition to which his girlfriend has tickets. He must destroy the artwork before it destroys his relationship.

We're sorry, but all tickets sales have ended because the event is expired.
We're sorry, but all tickets sales have ended because the event is expired.