Unrestricted View Film Festival 2021 – 30th April (Day Five)

30th April (all day online). Festival Pass £25, Day Pass £10.

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The Colour of Spring


Directed by Paul Andrew Kimball

Canada, 94 mins

To their friends, Sarah and Sam seem like the perfect couple desperately in love. But when Sarah gets her big stage break as an aspiring actress, Sam begins to question whether he’s good enough for her, particularly as he’s stuck in a dead-end job.
As their relationship unravels, and a mysterious woman threatens to further tear them apart, Sarah and Sam are forced to confront the anger and hurt that they have built between themselves, and once again believe in each other and their love in order to find their way “home”.


Killing Tony

Documentary Feature

Directed by Panu Suuronen

Finland, 60 mins

JENNI (21) is a vibrant butterfly, however she has a shadow that prevents her from living her life to the fullest. The only thing stopping her is ”no-life loser” flatmate TONY (47). They are both unhappy, living like an old couple that doesn’t have the good sense to get divorced. What makes their situation intolerable is that Jenni and Tony are actually the same person.

The struggle started when Jenni came out of the closet as a transgender person seven years ago. Alternating between genders is getting more exhausting every day. Jenni has to kill Tony. Suddenly Jenni finds another woman living in her rabbit hole. Heta, a friend from work, enters her life bringing rather dominant vibes to Jenni’s new emancipated self which leads to an erratic new direction in her life.

Will Jenni succeed in killing Tony, or will she die trying?


Shorts: Shorts 5

A selection of short films

Becoming Everything (Dan Lowënstein, UK, 20 mins)

Upside (Will Herbert, UK, 16.5 mins)

Home (Hsieh Meng Han, UK, 15 mins)

Portrait (Keir Siewert, UK, 13 mins)

Cross (Gillian Harker, UK, 10 mins)

Angel Falls (Tom Lincoln, UK, 8 mins)

*This is Not a Recreation (Danny Baldwin, Ireland, 5 mins)

The Last Touch (Melissa Mars, USA, 4.5 mins)


Shorts: Long shorts 1

Enga ooru Kaattilae (Ashokkumar – India & Kamraj Sundram – USA, 37 mins)

In Search of a White Identity (Victoria Evaristo, UK, 31 mins)

The Other (Ako Zandkarimi, Iran, 25 mins)

You can buy either a day or whole festival pass here. We’ll be in touch a few days before the festival starts with links & pass codes so you can watch the films. Enjoy!