Unrestricted View Film Festival 2021 – 29th April (Day Four)

29th April (all day online). Festival Pass £25, Day Pass £10.

Download the festival brochure below.

The Outside World


Directed by Jake Ryan

UK, 76 mins

Alex, a reclusive musician who refuses to leave his flat, has been interviewing people to be his personal assistant. When this backfires, his already tenuous existence begins to crumble, with only his sister to help him.


The Last Roll


Directed by Daire McNab

Ireland, 98 mins)

Evan is a thirty-something actor who’s on the verge of abandoning his dreams of stardom when he lands the lead role in a new sci-fi film. The only problem is it’s an unpaid role. And the film’s director is obsessed with tits. And the film itself will probably be a pile of shite. And Evan is still in love with an ex-girlfriend who left him years before. Other than all that, things are looking up!


Shorts: Documentary Shorts 1

Simulation of Mr. Yellow (Mahan Khomamipour, Iran, 17 mins)

Sight Specific Moves (Nathan Geering, UK, 16 mins)

Don’t Stop (Lukas Link, Germany, 16 mins)

Going Flat (Graeme Weston, UK, 12.5 mins)

Garage Romantic (Dan Sadgrove, New Zealand, 12.5 mins)

Black History Month (Francis Yamoah, UK, 6 mins)

This Abled Dancer (Benjamin Field) 6 mins

Rahmat Creel (Behzad Alavi, Iran, 1.5 mins)


Shorts: Shorts 4

A selection of short films

Fortissimo (Janine Piguet, Switzerland, 20 mins)

Killing Me Softly with Her Love (Colin Ross Smith, UK, 16.5 mins)

You Promise? (Lin Laurin, Sweden, 15 mins)

Awakening (Mehmet Demirli, Turkey, 13.5 mins)

Dry Sea (Bart Bossaert & Yves Bex, Belgium, 11 mins)

Alive (Gabrielle Finnegan, UK, 9 mins)

Chaos (Julien Seignol, France, 5.5 mins)

You can buy either a day or whole festival pass here. We’ll be in touch a few days before the festival starts with links & pass codes so you can watch the films. Enjoy!