Unrestricted View Film Festival 2021 – 27th April (Day Two)

27th April (all day online). Festival Pass £25, Day Pass £10.

Download the festival brochure below.

Ascension Chronicles


Directed by Danny Cotton

UK, 61 mins

From the safety of their homes, several people record the events a strange infection is having on the outside world. Over the course of seven days the situation becomes ever more chaotic as the infection gets closer to their homes, and soon reveals that the cause is something none of them expected.. 


The House at the End of the Forest


Directed by Jonathan Katzeff

Sweden, 84 mins

Astrid goes to her family’s summer cabin, her childhood’s safe heaven, after having been brutally attacked by a stranger. Soon the secure and comfortable family reunion Astrid had hoped for turns into a nightmare when the stranger returns with a group of accomplices. What from the start seems to be a matter of home intrusion soon turns into something much darker and surreal.


Shorts: Shorts 2

A selection of short films

Cactus Boy (Chris Brake, UK, 17 mins)

Majority (Tessa Hoffe, UK, 15 mins)

Shielding Nico (Maire Campbell, UK, 15 Mins)

The Last Kick (James Skinner, UK, 13.5 mins)

Martin (Ginevra Gentili-Elsworthy, UK, 11.5 mins)

Peter the Possessed (Gillian Naughton, USA, 11 Mins)

Two Options (Gon Caride, France, 9.5 mins)

You can buy either a day or whole festival pass here. We’ll be in touch a few days before the festival starts with links & pass codes so you can watch the films. Enjoy!