Unrestricted View Film Festival 2020: SPA Weekend

26th June 2021 1pm £8

SPA Weekend

Dir: Maureen O Connell
Feature 75 mins

Jo Murphy returns to Dublin after five unsuccessful years of trying to make it as an actor in London. She back at her mum’s, doing her old job, seeing her old ‘friends’ and constantly feeling like a failure. She thinks a camping trip for her birthday will cheer her up, but no-one wants to come. She bumps into an old friend, Stoney, at a casting and convinces him to come on a ‘Spa Weekend’ (her way of saying ‘camping’). He owes his drug dealing landlord money so is eager to get away, and a spa weekend sounds lovely. They road-trip it down the countryside with Stoney’s landlord (unbeknownst to them) on their tail. SPA Weekend is an award-winning feature length slacker comedy film with a feminist message smuggled into it!