Umbra Incarnate

26th, 27th & 28th August 4.30pm £8/6

She grew up reading myths and she learned who the villains are. She studied psychology to learn why the villains act the way they do. She came face to face with evil and learned that maybe, just maybe, the stories are wrong.

Jamie used to be whole, and she wants to be again. But is she ready?

Umbra Incarnate is a semi-autoethnographical production that explores survivors of sexual assault and the rediscovery of your voice after it. It follows the decisions Jamie has to make regarding love, strength, and forgiveness. Umbra Incarnate merges Greek mythology with shadow theatre and puppetry in a piece of new writing aiming to shine a light on a taboo topic while asking the question: who gets to decide who the villains of our stories are?

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