Thorny Questions (Work in Progress)

27th February 7pm £8.50

Helen Thorn (one half of the UK’s comedy duo The Scummy Mummies) is approaching 40 – she’s overweight, has a hairy body and really enjoys eating gluten. But she couldn’t be happier, so why is the rest of the world telling her she’s wrong? In this bold and brash show, this big-boned woman tackles the big issues facing the big bad world today. Why are we obsessed with waxing our front bottoms? Why is everyone wearing sporty leggings in cafes? And why the f*%k are we taking photos of our food?

Come see Helen’s brand new show before she takes it to the Melbourne Comedy Festival. @scummymummies @helen_thorn

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Tickets booked online must be collected 15mins before showtime. Cash tickets are available for 30 mins at the box office.
Over 18’s only, limited access for people with disabilities, no admittance for latecomers.

Hen & Chickens Theatre

109 St Paul’s Road

London N1 2NA