Theatrical Turing Test

1st Aug 6pm & 9pm £8/6

Theatrical Turing Test

Improvisation is the highest form of human intelligence. It is a feat no robot could ever reproduce. Do you think so? We want you to participate in our experiment.
Meet our team. Some of us are Cyborgs, controlled by an Artificial Intelligence, taking all our lines through headphones from an AI-powered chatbot. Some of us are Puppets, remotely controlled by another human being – a human intelligence. Some of us simply improvise, but wear headphones anyway, to add to the confusion. Meet the Cyborgs, Puppets, and Humans. The stakes are high: at the end of the show, the audience votes to guess who was the robot and who was remotely controlled. Will the Cyborg pass the Turing test? Come laugh with machines as you attempt to solve the deception!

Twitter: @Improbotics


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Hen & Chickens Theatre

109 St Paul’s Road

Islington N1 2NA