The Strange Affair of Paul

5th, 6th & 7th August 9pm £10

(Wannabe) washed-up detective Sam Marlowe faces his toughest case yet – trying to get to the bottom of why a contestant on the Australian version of The Traitors got less screen time than a woman in a Guy Ritchie film. His investigation will take him to the darkest alleyways of the internet, see him caught up in the wiles of the prettiest of dames, and find him at the centre of a series of overly expository flashback sequences. Will he manage to solve the case of what happened to Paul? Will he do so without it driving him to insanity? And will he ever stop speaking in more laboured metaphors than Chris Martin on a Coldplay track? Find out in The Strange Affair of Paul, a fun and eccentric parody of the film noir genre.

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