The Half-Cocked Sketch Show

18th & 19th August 7.30pm £7

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Our show is a sketch show. Bold, satirical, observational, silly, intellectual and over all funny!

This marks a return to The Camden Fringe, the illustrious place Half-Cocked made its debut with a successful farce, Mourning Overnight, running at two different fringe venues to an audience of whom we were… pretty sure were real people!

Anyway, much like Willy Wonka’s boat, the show careers down an unbridled stream of energy and funniness, meeting interesting characters along the way – gangsters and their pronouns, dirty secrets revealed on game-shows and is that Shania Twain i hear?

We aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel, but we are trying to take the wheel a little off the beaten track. The sketches range from strong character driven physical lunacy to intricate Ronnie’s-esque battles of dialogue. An eclectic evening for all folks of all strokes to enjoy.

*It’s a sketch show.