The First Modern Man

19th Feb – 2nd Mar 2019— Tues to Sat 7.30pm and Sat matinee at 3pm. £12/10 & matinees are £10/8

As a civilized sixteenth-century French aristocrat, you could live in cultured seclusion in your chateau.  You try it; it’s not for you. Your mind’s too full of stuff. You write down all those buzzing ideas:  sex, thumbs, cannibals…  You oppose colonialist brutality (before the British got going with their empire); decry judicial torture (when it was standard practice);  argue that persecuted ‘witches’ are innocent victims (when most saw them as worshippers of Satan); negotiate with kings during bloody civil wars;  somehow get elected as mayor of Bordeaux while travelling; defend yourself against forces of the Inquisition; become the father of ‘world’ music – and love your cat. Your contemporaries think you are odd (but Shakespeare likes you; so does Derren Brown).  And, by recording – as no-one before – the details of your life in witty, clever essays, you showed us how to be the heroes of our own modern lives – and became the ancestor of every article or blog which moans about the school run, love gone wrong, or just life…  Come and visit Michel de Montaigne.

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19th February (Full Price)show details + £12.75 (GBP)  
19th February (Concession)show details + £10.75 (GBP)  
20th February (Full Price)show details + £12.75 (GBP)  
20th February (Concession)show details + £10.75 (GBP)  
21st February (Full Price)show details + £12.75 (GBP)  
21st February (Concession)show details + £10.75 (GBP)  
22nd February (Full Price)show details + £12.75 (GBP)  
22nd February (Concession)show details + £10.75 (GBP)  
23rd February (Matinee - Full Price)show details + £10.75 (GBP)  
23rd February (Matinee -Concession)show details + £8.75 (GBP)  
23rd February (Evening -Full Price)show details + £12.75 (GBP)  
23rd February (Evening -Concession)show details + £10.75 (GBP)  
26th February (Full Price)show details + £12.75 (GBP)  
26th February (Concession)show details + £10.75 (GBP)  
27th February (Full Price)show details + £12.75 (GBP)  
27th February (Concession)show details + £10.75 (GBP)  
28th February (Full Price)show details + £12.75 (GBP)  
28th February (Concession)show details + £10.75 (GBP)  
1st March (Full Price)show details + £12.75 (GBP)  
1st March (Concession)show details + £10.75 (GBP)  
2nd March (Matinee - Full Price)show details + £10.75 (GBP)  
2nd March (Matinee - Concession)show details + £8.75 (GBP)  
2nd March (Evening - Full Price)show details + £12.75 (GBP)  
2nd March (Evening - Concession)show details + £10.75 (GBP)  

Tickets booked online must be collected 15mins before showtime. Cash tickets are available for 30 mins at the box office. TICKETS ARE NON REFUNDABLE

Over 18’s only, limited access for people with disabilities, no admittance for latecomers.

Hen & Chickens Theatre

109 St Paul’s Road

London N1 2NA