The Fireraisers

6th – 17th November – Tue – Sat 7.30pm  £12/10

Award winning company Theatre of Heaven & Hell presents “The Fireraisers” by Max Frisch with original songs and live music.  Described by many as an epic parable-comedy, it tells the story of two arsonists disguised as door-to-door salesmen who talk their way into Gottleib Biedermann’s house. The Fireraisers reminds us of the dark allegory that “Today’s bad ideas are tomorrow’s disasters…”

Details Price Qty
6th November (Full)show details + £12.75 (GBP)  
6th November (Cons)show details + £10.75 (GBP)  
7th November (Full)show details + £12.75 (GBP)  
7th November (Cons)show details + £10.75 (GBP)  
8th November (Full)show details + £12.75 (GBP)  
8th November (Cons)show details + £10.75 (GBP)  
9th November (Full)show details + £12.75 (GBP)  
9th November (Cons)show details + £10.75 (GBP)  
10th November (Full)show details + £12.75 (GBP)  
10th November (Cons)show details + £10.75 (GBP)  
13th November (Full)show details + £12.75 (GBP)  
13th November (Cons)show details + £10.75 (GBP)  
14th November (Full)show details + £12.75 (GBP)  
14th November (Cons)show details + £10.75 (GBP)  
15th November (Full)show details + £12.75 (GBP)  
15th November (Cons)show details + £10.75 (GBP)  
16th November (Full)show details + £12.75 (GBP)  
16th November (Cons)show details + £10.75 (GBP)  
17th November (Full)show details + £12.75 (GBP)  
17th November (Cons)show details + £10.75 (GBP)  

Tickets booked online must be collected 15mins before showtime. Cash tickets are available for 30 mins at the box office.

Over 18’s only, limited access for people with disabilities, no admittance for latecomers.

Hen & Chickens Theatre

109 St Paul’s Road

London N1 2NA