The Button Jar

23rd, 24th & 25th 6pm £12/6

The Button Jar is a show about loss. Let’s face it, we’ve all lost something valuable at some point; it’s irksome and inconvenient. But when Liz and Aly’s mother dies, it’s too much to bear. They are heartbroken and their despair manifests itself in ways that catch them completely unaware. They are consumed by an anger that feels uncomfortably aggressive, that makes them want to hit out, even towards those who are showing kindness. It makes them laugh, loudly, boisterously and uncontrollably and heightens tensions between them that they didn’t know existed. They are rescued by a jar of old buttons – a jar filled with filled with valuable gems, currency of the highest worth. Markets may fluctuate but their stock is rising; grief has sharpened their value. It is a treasure so rich, unearthing stories and memories that soothe and unite them.

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