Sold By Mama

21st & 22nd August 7.30pm and 27th August 3pm £10/8

Enthralling in its delivery, Dominique transitions between wildly amusing yet tragic characters who live in brothels, motels and on the streets beneath the Hollywood sky.  Bursting with contradiction, the women she plays are as electric as they are heartbreaking, their childhood dreams sold by Mama to feed fast money addictions. 

In 2020, Dominique lived on a shoe-string budget in Los Angeles, which translated into hours on inhospitable busses and trains, alongside the much ignored heartbeat of The City of Angels. This has given life to characters graceful, provoking, shocking and profound. Chasing highs that are born out of the darkest lows, amidst a disturbing reality of villains, hustle and exploitation. 

Prior to acting, Dominique worked full-time as a docu-fiction filmmaker where she created ‘This Is Fiction’.  Real people, real lives, edited into a fictional narrative, much like her work in ‘Sold By Mama’. This bold new writing & performance is a must see for anybody taken with the human condition, the breaking of stereotype, the rawness of truth & humour amidst chaos.

Trigger Warning.