Slightly Awkward & Nice Try

17th August 9pm £7/5

After sliding into each other’s DM’s on a Zoom comedy gig, comics Shuang Teng and Rabiah Coon met IRL months later and took it to the next level. They are now in a fully committed and legally binding comedy relationship bringing their 30 minute solo shows to Camden Fringe.

Shuang Teng is a British Chinese Londoner who enjoys living and navigating two very different cultures. Born in Wuhan, China and then dropped in to the middle of England at the age of 9, “Slightly Awkward” explores her attempts at trying to fit in to a very different set of circumstances, whilst coming to terms with the fact that she will never grow up to be a blonde white girl named Emma or Hannah, just like the most popular girls at school. Now as an adult, Shuang tries to project a graceful and normal demeanor, despite feeling awkward during most interactions.

Rabiah Coon is an accident-prone American who spends her spare time thinking and writing about her shortcomings, overcomings and misbecomings. In “Nice Try” the storyteller and comic shares her [possibly unreliable] narrative on close encounters with death (she can be a little dramatic), living with a chronic illness and reckoning with a surname.