7th & 10th August 9pm £10

When is the right time to give up on your dream?

An open mic night at a local pub in London. Self-proclaimed up-and-coming singer-songwriter (say that five times in a row) Iris takes the stage and starts making her way through her SETLIST. As she opens up about the inspiration for each song, the audience gets transported to a new memory. With every piece of the puzzle we learn about her challenging pursuit of success, her borderline self-destroying drive and the one thing that saved her sanity; friendship.

Iris’ story is hardly original but SETLIST tries to give this tale as old as time a little facelift by adding a non-lineair plotline, original songs and dumb jokes.

An exploration as to why we work ourselves to the bone for the feable promise of success and why we prioritise our goals above our happiness.