27th – 29th August 4.30pm £10/8.50

Ride the Wave Theatre Company presents SCUM

It’s just another day for domestic cleaners Claire and Fiona, who share a close friendship but dream of other things; one to see her name in lights, the other to find The One. As the story unfolds, conflicts and an unexpected find threaten not only their business and self-respect, but also their much-relied on friendship. The gloves are coming off.
An intimate two-hander, SCUM is a comedic yet poignant dive into the world of cloths, mops and the self-esteem – or lack of – felt by those using them every day to make ends meet.
Emily Ralph and Lucy Blake (who turned to cleaning during the pandemic) appear in this new fast-paced and witty play by award-winning playwright Taiyo Yoshida. If you’ve got a home or office cleaner, you’ll never look at them to say way again.

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