Red Hot Pokers

7th, 8th & 9th August 7.30pm £12/10

Based on a true story, a monologue that explores growing up gay in the 1960’s a time when it was illegal. Jay re-lives his mother’s rejection of his sexuality, her disgust and attempts to put him through aversion therapy.

We explore the hidden world of homosexuality from cruising parks in the 60’s, saunas and clubs in the 70’s to the explosion of Gaydar.

A monologue that spans the 60’s to present day. A free spirit’s fight against homophobia becomes his biggest fight yet against cancer.

“I survived being gay in a time when it was illegal. I survived my mother’s attempt to put me through Aversion Therapy. So what was cancer? Just some other arsehole telling me I’d no right to exist.”

“Passionate, thought-provoking and wonderfully funny.”