Rainbow Umbrella Film Festival 2021 – 7th January

Due to the Coronavirus, we’ve had to take this year’s festival online. However, the films are as great as ever and we can’t wait to show them to you and all proceeds from this festival are going towards saving our beloved Hen & Chickens theatre. Enjoy the films and hopefully we can all see each other again soon!

Download the festival brochure here:

How it works. Once you have bought your pass you will be contacted 24/48 hours before the screening date with links and passwords to the films.

7th January 2021  Festival Pass – £15, Day Pass – £8

A Passage of Time

Director: Bill Humphreys


106 Mins

“A Passage of Time” is is the story of two young men who want to open that bed and breakfast in their home along the coast of Maine. But they come to realize, however, that there are other family dynamics they didn’t foresee that need to be addressed. It’s the story of how families must cope as one generation gives way to another and how the rules of life must adjust as the change takes place.


Shorts 1

A selection of Short Films

Lily (China. Directed by Li Ming)

Lily is a love story about transgender. It happens in illusory Internet but reveals in real life. When the uncrossable obstacle arises in their relationship, they become a distress signal to each other in this indifferent city. That I will always be there is the ultimate love for them.


Monsieur (France. Directed by Thomas Ducastel)

Georgie and Stan are two friends living in a small town in northern France. Georgie dreams of being in the spotlight while Stan wants to be a filmmaker. When Georgie finds out that his idol is going to the “Mister Northern France” pageant, Stan, the event videographer, helps him enter the pageant. As they prepare for the event, hidden tensions break out between the two friends.


Family Pride (USA. Directed by Bernie Torres)

A young woman puts on a one-woman show to come out to her parents, which doesn’t go exactly as she planned.


Phoenix (UK. Directed by Shantelle Rochester)

When 2 woman fall in love in 1770, their love comes to a tragic end which binds them to that room in parallel times.