Rainbow Umbrella Film Festival 2021 – 10th January

Due to the Coronavirus, we’ve had to take this year’s festival online. However, the films are as great as ever and we can’t wait to show them to you and all proceeds from this festival are going towards saving our beloved Hen & Chickens theatre. Enjoy the films and hopefully we can all see each other again soon!

Download the festival brochure here:

How it works. Once you have bought your pass you will be contacted 24/48 hours before the screening date with links and passwords to the films.

10th January 2021  Festival Pass – £15, Day Pass – £8

Once a Fury

Directed by Jacqueline Rhodes


83 Minutes

Documentary profiling former members of the Furies, a notorious 1970s lesbian separatist collective that published a national newspaper and planned to seize state power. Featuring interviews with 10 of the original 12 Furies, photography by JEB, and archival materials.


I’m Moshanty. Do You Love Me?

Directed by Tim Wolff

Papua New Guinea

57 minutes

I’m Moshanty. Do You Love Me? is a documentary profile of legendary South Pacific music icon and transgender activist, the late Moses Moshanty Tau and members of the transgender community of Papua New Guinea.


Shorts 4

A selection of short films

Save Twilight (Spain. Directed by Mario Hernández López)

On the long nights of the city, Julia, who has not yet reached her thirties, recalls her love story with Lucia, a girl who after traveling the world and living in Paris, ended up staying in Julia’s heart.
However, when the relationship begins to wither, a tragic accident ends Lucia’s life, plunging Julia into a spiral of pain, guilt and self-destruction. Until one of those nights full of memories, Julia rebels against the fate that has separated them, and decides to meet her, no matter what. Even if she has to start a journey into twilight with no chance of returning.


Love Lost Memories (Italy. Directed by Antonio Scarabaggio)

While the conflict rages on French Lands, the German troops arrive at Arras surrounding the territory and wiping out everything that counteracts their will. On the Battlefield the German Eirik Vonmets and the English James Williams are engaged in the uncontrolled search of one other risking their own lives, heedless of the dangers all around them. At the end, the final goal will be achieved: they’ll finally be able to live as free men.


Float (Columbia. Directed by María Matiz Borda)

Simona and Lucas are two friends who decide to go away for the weekend. Lucas claims to be queer, but Simona doesn’t get that grey area, specially because he has always dated men. They drive to the countryside where they meet Alex, an androgynous teenager to whom Lucas is attracted. With Alex in between, the uncertainty of the nature of their relationship surfaces. They must face their feelings for each other and their own sexual identities, making decisions that put their friendship to the test.


Without You (USA. Directed by SB Gamble)

Alek finds himself torn between love and fear when a stranger at the bar complicates things…


More Than He Knows (USA. Directed by Fiona Dawson)

Ryan and Taya have a happy and loving marriage. When they go on a routine staycation, Ryan instantly connects with a man at the hotel pool. Conflicted by this attraction, Ryan explores a part of himself that he has long suppressed. This encounter opens up the chance for a whole new level of honesty between Ryan and Taya, if they are willing to explore bisexuality and an open relationship.

MORE THAN HE KNOWS examines the complexity of human connections; our self-awareness, awareness of others, the spectrum of sexuality, and models of marriage.