Poems on Gender

12th & 13th August 3pm £7

A series of intense poems on sex, gender and revolution by David Lee Morgan, a London, UK and BBC Poetry Slam Champion. Gender is a controversial and even dangerous topic today. All the more reason for each of us to speak about it with honesty, heart and intelligence.

40 minute performance followed by a 20 minute open discussion.

There are two sexes, male and female
It takes one of each to make a baby
But what this means, what we make of it
Has changed more times than we can imagine…

This is a show for anyone who is agonising over questions of sex, gender, feminism, transition, or the possible conflict between trans rights and women’s rights. It is not a show for dogmatic fundamentalists of either the left or the right.

“It was heart-felt and impassioned. It was powerful and inspiring. I thought it was spectacular! I bought the book! I became a firm fan! Seriously, go to see this guy!” LANCASTER GUARDIAN

“Performance is understated. A swish of the hand or closing of the eyes inflects his words with the surety of decades-long experience… Poems on Gender give us pause, and space, and painstakingly-thorough thought.” BROADWAY BABY

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