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A May’s Plays: UV 15th Anniversary Season
By Unrestricted View 
A May’s Plays: UV 15th Anniversary SeasonA May’s Plays: UV 15th Anniversary Season
13th – 31st May 7.30pm £10To celebrate 15 years at The Hen & Chickens Theatre, Unrestricted View is producing a season of short 15 minute plays from our partner venue: The WorkShop Theater, in New York City.Week One plays (13th – 17th May) are:
Never Smile, Never Wave by Ken Jaworowski. Directed by James Wren. Starring: Katharine Bennett-Fox 
A girl sits alone in a bar, waiting to replace a shirt ruined by her tears. A funny, moving tale of modern relationships.

A Weekend in Filey by Jennifer Fell Hays. Directed by Tim McArthur.
A man, a woman and the chance of a new life, will she be brave enough to take it. A moving story of love and second chances.

Mistress Marlene by Margo Hammond. Directed by Heather Deacon.
An electrician comes to do an ‘odd job’ for Sandra, and it turns into a more interesting service than first implied. Fresh comedy play about dominance and submission…

Week Two plays (20th – 24th May) are:
Fourteen Million by Liz Amberley. Directed by Robert Laycock.
A room in an Art Gallery. One object and one valuation: £14,000,000. Really? A comedy about love, truth and relationships.
Starring: Toni Green, Mark Lyminster, Eliza Power and Michael Simmons

Man Walks into a Bar by Bob Manus. Directed by Preece Killick.
John Wilkes-Booth has an appointment with his brother and with history that someone wants to change…. Starring: Javan Hirst, and Michael Chase

To Live by Bob Manus. Directed by Andy McQuade.
Given the choice of life or death, what price would you pay? A bitter sweet tale of extreme choices during war.Starring: George Collie and Sam Watson
Lighting and Music Design: Luca Romagnoli 

One is the Road by Mark Loewenstern. Directed by Joanna Greaves. A man drives his wife drive after an anniversary get away… seven thoughts in his head.

Week three plays (27th – 31st May) are:
Thalassa by Scott Sicles. Directed by Anthony Hampton.Two strangers brought together by grief, wait by the ocean for answers and finally forgiveness. Starring: Eliza Power and Javan Hirst.

The Big Nil by Timothy Harris. Directed by Gaelle Stark.
It seems nothing is sacred when it comes to art, not even life. A black comedy of errors. Starring: Nina Shenkman, Benjamin Bradford and Richard Hills-Ingyon

I the Jury by Leslie Gwyn. Directed by Jimmy Walters.
She had the right to remain famous. A comedy court room drama, full of twists and ‘turns’. Starring: Vanessa Russell.

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