Nathan & Ida’s Hot Dog Stand

Nathan & Ida's Hot Dog Stand

10th & 11th Aug 6pm, 12th Aug 4.30pm £10

Nathan and Ida Hardwerker leave the old country to build a better life for themselves in the New World: taking with them nothing but hope, a will to succeed and a secret recipe for sauce.

A feast of comedy served with generous helpings of clowning, mime, dance and a pinch of puppetry (with hints of the classic cartoons), this fast-paced two-hander evokes tantalising tastes of a glorious bygone era: silent movies, carnival rides and sepia-toned postcards. Hitch a ride on this comedy rollercoaster where business is brutal but hot dogs will never let you down.

An alternative comedy biopic very loosely based on a real life hot dog stand.

Best Performance of the Swinge (Swindon Fringe Festival)
“Compelling and engaging” (Daily Info Oxford)

Twitter: @nihotdogs


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Hen & Chickens Theatre

109 St Paul’s Road

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