London Fetish Film Festival 2023

22nd & 23rd December £13 (Day Pass), £23 (Two Day Pass)

London’s only dedicated fetish film festival is back for a fourth edition at the Hen & Chickens Theatre this December with a tantalisingly tempting two-day programme of films celebrating the hyper-faceted realm of fetish subculture. With a freshly-curated selection featuring an array of international artists and filmmakers, this varied line-up explores the themes of fetish, kink, BDSM and erotic art in irreverent and thought-provoking ways in a multitude of genres.

Prepare for a deep dive into unapologetic imaginaries and deviant beauties ranging from humorous scenarios to the darkest visions, all of which will guide you through an exploration of Fetish as a study on explicit fixation, paraphilia and the sweetest intimacy. We will also be announcing this year’s festival award winners and screening the incredible work of last year’s winners too, so buckle up!

London Fetish Film Festival seeks to push boundaries and bring together a community of individuals who believe in protecting freedom of expression. So join us on this playfully perverted journey down the rabbit hole of fetish as a concept without borders and without censorship. LFFF truly celebrates kink in all forms. For the lifestyle fetishists and enthusiasts. For the curious and the open minded.


December 22nd: 

Kink Art: 

Impenetrable (2023, UK), 3:48 min, Dir. Matthias Von Braun 

I Am The Brute (2023, UK), 3:05 min, Dir. Bonnie Bakeneko 

Wtchsong (2022, Germany), 4:20 min, Dir. Lina Bembe

Verset Zero – Cineres (2020, UK), 3:44 min, Dir. Lorris Accaries

Bite – Naked (2019, UK), 4 min, Dir. Joseph Delaney

Every Carcass Like A Diamond (2022, UK), 3:30 min, Dir. Chris Turner aka Favourite Colour: Black 

Just Say It (2022, UK), 3:24 min, Dir. Miha

Hey, Baby – Theatre (2023, UK), 3 min, Dir. Kassandra Powell 

Swagzilla – Tayce (2023, UK), 4 min, Dir. Kassandra Powell 



2022 Award winners selection: 

* Best Video Art & Best Costume: Bound by Rapture (2017, UK) 1:41 min, Dir. Ronald Lane Featuring Electric Adam 

* Best Kink Animation: TENTATION: Memento Mori (UK) 4:28 min, Dir. Accaries Lorris, Audrey Janvier, Anonym & Anonym 

  • Best Cinematography: Machine (2022, UK) 2:12 min, Dir. Matthias Von Braun 

* Best Music Video: Butt Muscle (Germany, 2017) 3:15 min, Dir. Matt Lambert 

  • Best Comedy: The Gimp (2017, France) 0:47 min, Dir. Léa Georges 
  • Best Sound Design: Grace. (2022, Switzerland) 5:38 min, Dir. abcde Flash 
  • Best Performer: Kris Canavan in Landlord by Test Dept (2018, UK) 3:17
  • Best Director & LFFF Festival Director’s Choice: Dirtyglitter Mask4Mask (2015, United States) 3:21min, Folsom Street (2015, United States) 5.38min 


***** Short Break *****


Shiny Queer (2023, UK) 04:53min, Dir. Paul Glyn 

Hunger (2022, Chile), 19:54, Dir. Andrés Valenzuela

Boys (2023, United States), 27:36 min, Dir. Donald C. Shorter Jr. 

Polish Kink (2023, Poland), 27 min, Dir. Tomek Rustecki 

Saturnalia: Unbinding Fetish Fashion (2023, UK), 52:47 min, Dir. Raegan Rubin 



December 23rd: 

Inside Fetish: 

Ohrwurm (2022, Switzerland), 14:23, Dir. abcde Flash 

Cinema Fetish (2023, Italy), 5:22 min, Dir. Morgana Mayer 

PT #1398, (2023, UK), 22:39 min, Dir. Luca Federici 

Krev – Exsanguination (2023, Spain), 12:17min, Dir. Zor Neurobashing

Imagethunder- When Ataraxia Sets In (2023, Germany), 9:45 min, Dir. Swen Brandy, aka Carnivore 

DecaDance (2023, Italy), 30:23 min, Dir. Morgana Mayer


***** Short Break *****

Kink Narratives: 

Alice (2022, Poland), 12 min, Dir. Martyna Maria Ludwig, Anna Maria Ryń

Her And Him (2023, Poland), 5:21min, Dir. Marek Stoklosa

The Table (2013, France), 14:28 min, Dir. Izabel Grondin

Sometimes, My Body Betrays Me (2014, UK), 6 min, Dir. Marc Blackie 

The Divine Right of Stagnation (2023, UK), 15 min, Dir. Marc Blackie 

Norma Place (2023), 7:09min, Dir. Charlotte Grondin & Guillame Pin 

Good Girl (2022, United States), 11:37 min, Dir. Jenny Kleiman 


Fun Fetish: 

Capsule House (2023, Japan), 10 min, Dir. Lily Rinae

Street Caress (2023, France), 1:40 min, Dir. Hart Laurent

Celestial Bodies (2022, United States), 5 min, Dir. Ryan Suits

VCR Cleaning (United States), 1:57 min, Dir. João Dall’Stella

Q-Therapy (2019, United States), 1 min, Dir. João Dall’Stella

Hot Ways To Die (2023, United States), 2:19 min, Dir. João Dall’Stella

Steam (United States), 15:23 min, Dir. João Dall’Stella

36:39min &

Image Credits:

Photography – Louie Wittner

Model – Miha

Costume – Dayne Henderson

Graphics – Tainted Saint

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