Lady Ilaria’s Drawers

18th & 19th August 7.30pm £7

Passeri Jacob presents Lady Ilaria’s Drawers.

In her northern village, little Ilaria lived bang in the middle. Turn right and she could ride on a lawnmower and have high tea. Turn left and she could bounce on a mattress and chew bubblegum. It was the best of both worlds, and the worst, because where did she belong? Even now that she’s a grown-up, she’s still uncertain.

This is a show about identity, dead guinea pigs, a Scottish mum prone to naked cooking, an errant Italian father, a chicken fetishist, a near-death experience, and a woman pooing in Ilaria’s cup-for-life on a bus.

Written and performed by Ilaria Passeri 

Produced by Micheal Jacob 

Photo credit (c) Andy Hollingworth Archive 

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