Kate Cook is Invisible Woman: March 15th & 16th 7.30pm £8.50

Golly gosh! What have we here?  Code name Invisible Woman, field name, Valerie Chamboiserie, but who is this mysterious lady and will her true identity ever be revealed?  Will Major Chumley Whatsit ever find true love?  Will Freddie Bishop ever come to terms with his wooden leg? 

Repressed housewife, Mrs Bishop, fluent French speaker and poetry lover is the perfect find in Churchills quest to help the resistance, but will we ever actually meet her?  A tale of heroism, hedonism, love and revenge.
Kate Cook displays a remarkable ability to play an array of characters in this, her hilarious debut solo show.  In INVISIBLE WOMAN she turns her hand at playing everyone from 15 year old Cecily, the swing dancing dreamer, to sadisitic, Herr Von Schnerkel, a General of Hitlers Gestapo and many dodgy characters of Churchills SOE along the way.
Funny Women Semi-Finalist, Kate Cook, a big hit on the comedy circuit and creator of comedy duo sensation Doodle and Bug has appeared in numerous stage and film productions including Olivier Award winning West End show ‘The 39 Steps’ and Tom Geens multi award winning film ‘You’re the Stranger Here’.  Invisible Woman is her keenly awaited debut solo show
‘Mercilessly Funny!’ Michelle Gomez, Green Wing, Dr Who

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Hen and Chickens Theatre
109 St Paul’s Road
N1 2NA
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