Inertia by Helen Terry

10th & 11th August 7.30pm £9/7.50

What is real? The thoughts and fantasies in our heads, or existence, plodded through? Inertia is a tale which warns of where life can lead, when lived all in fantasy and no action.

This is a one-woman show, spotlighting the life of Jane Ford from the mid-80s to early 2000s. We see Jane, born into a working class Midlands family, trying to escape her upbringing.

Tackling themes of poor parenting, lack of education, unawareness of mental health as even something that exists and exploring issues including euthanasia. In typical North West Midlands fashion, some of these themes are approached with sardonic humour and a lot of heart and grit.

Based on actual events, it charts a woman’s experiences of class, mental illness and stark reality.

Produced by Out of the Box Productions- Written by Helen Terry- Directed by Sam Mycroft.