19th & 20th August 9pm £10

Henry Moss presents HENRY: QUEEN OF SQUATS

Nominated for Best Comedy at Brighton Fringe, renaissance man, “Mr Henry Moss takes you into his world of deluded celebrity and he does it with charm and talent” (The Latest ★★★★★)

Henry Moss’s comedy has evolved into a tour de force with his viral TikTok series that follows the hilarious inner workings of drama schools, musical theatre and more.

Henry’s previous solo-show Quadruple Threat, was an LGBTQ+ pick at VAULT Festival last year and recently in June he presented HENRY:QUEEN OF SQUATS at Pleasance’s Fringe Future Festival to great critical praise.

As an avid self-help book reader, Henry investigates how to balance being a loving boyfriend, new dog mum and full-time marketing gay. With his female spiritual guides including Dame Judi Dench, this is a love letter to all the fierce women who have shaped him.

It is “punctuated by heartbreaking and hilarious song and dance, the campest 50-minutes of your life”, says Henry.

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