Generation Y

14th – 18th July Tues to Sat 7.15pm, Sat Matinee 3pm £11.50/8.50

Four brand new short plays written by four up-and-coming new writers. In a world of quick fixes, Generation Y are said to have limited attention spans and seek instant gratification. But can we… oh never mind.


History by Mark QUARTLEY – Royal Court Young Writers Programme

Midnight. An empty apartment. Slowly, piece by piece, She fills the room with objects from Their lives. History is a play told in reverse; an examination of a relationship that should have ended where it started.


Just like a Woman by Suzie Preece – Turn me Online Web Series

Sophie doesn’t want to be pregnant. She is an intelligent measured young woman who makes rational life decisions. But we find her in a pharmacy wondering whether she’s lying to herself. Is it quite simple to swallow a pill and shrug life off?


Plankton by Ben CALLON – ‘A little bit OCD’ – BikeShed Theatre

Don’t you find it exhausting? Every like, every wink, every tick, every swipe, every bloody cat faced emoji! It’s like we need them to live, these miniscule bits of validation, like a mist of digital plankton but we’re never nourished, we’re never full’ A fifteen minute short looking at the disposability of love and validation for the generation Y.


Off the Grid by Roisin KELLY – FTG Productions

‘This is our way of living. The new way of living’.
Tired of the empty materialism of society, Tash and Rory are trying something new. Cutting themselves off from westernised culture and everything that comes with it, they make a new life for themselves depending on nature alone. A short comedy following a young couple as they prepare to live life ‘Off The Grid’.

Directed by Francesca Bailey

Original music composed by Eden Roxx


Produced by Mark Donald
No other show can offer you such a high quality diverse cross-section of theatre in such a short time-frame. We’re offering you four radically different 15 minute plays pinned around our Generation, written by members OF our generation. This is current theatre at its best.


MF Productions was put together by Mark Donald and Francesca Bailey. They met whilst training at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School and have worked together many times. The company has come together to champion young talent and new writing


Tickets booked online must be collected 15mins before showtime. Cash tickets are available for 30 mins before at the box office.
 Limited access for people with disabilities.


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Hen & Chickens Theatre

109 St Paul’s Road

London N1 2NA