FMW Films (Shorts)

13th February 7pm £5

A selection of short Films produced or co-produced by FMW Films

Silent Country (2016) Directed by Fergus March

Inspired by the present migrant crisis and how governments are responding, SILENT COUNTRY is set in one possible future and follows two escapees from a state controlled migrant camp.
If we don’t speak up now…we are responsible for what happens.

Godless (2017) Directed by Fergus March

Trapped in their office by a baying crowd from all religious backgrounds, a group of filmmakers contemplate a fictional short film they have made disproving the existence of God. As the crowd outside intensifies they wonder if it is just a film or maybe something much more important. A Black comedy.

Final Curtain (2019) Directed by Fergus March

Oliver and Reese are putting on a two-man play. No-one will come to see it.

Final Curtain is a comedy with a twist that is painfully relevant to recent events.

The Monster (2015) Directed by Bob Pipe

Trying to resurrect his once successful career, an iconic monster falls in love with his leading lady on the set of a dubious film. The results are bloody hilarious. The Monster was part funded by Film London.

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