Unrestricted View Horror Film Festival: Sunday 3rd November

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  • The Perished
     3 November, 2019
     12:30 pm - 2:00 pm
  • Little Terrors 6
     3 November, 2019
     2:30 pm - 4:00 pm
  • Little Terrors 7
     3 November, 2019
     4:30 pm - 6:00 pm
  • Day Pass
     3 November, 2019
     12:30 pm - 6:00 pm

3rd November


12.30pm – The Perished

Dir: Paddy Murphy
12.30pm 91 mins  Ireland £8

Dealing with a pregnancy termination in
Ireland has been hard for Sarah Dekker.
Shunned by her religious zealot family
and after also breaking up with her
unforgiving boyfriend, she travels to a
sympathetic friend’s house in the country to recover. But
unbeknownst to her the provincial pile sits atop a mass grave of
unwanted babies and their lost, confused spirits want to be reborn.
Feeding on guilt and remorse the spirits need a mother. And they
just might have found one in Sarah.


2.30pm – Little Terrors 6

2.30pm 88mins  £8

MAGGIE MAY (Mia’kate Russell)

Sam’s sister Maggie May has always been different. So after the death of their mother, Sam takes her twin babies to spend the weekend, to help her out. But Maggie isn’t interested in being helped. She isn’t interested in anything.

CLEANER (Gareth Brown)

A house worker suspects she is not home alone. Cleaner is a sinister thriller exploring the trauma of domestic violence and the traces it leaves behind.


When a group of eclectic stereotypes decide to spend a weekend away at a secluded home, they are violently stalked and butchered by a massive maniac in a blood red mask.

INSANIUM (Rui Pedro Sousa)

Two young brothers find a dead body while walking through the forest. This discovery will start a chain of events that will change their lives forever.

PENUMBRA (Oscar Knott)

A gritty prison scene between two rival inmates, one and Islamophobic serial killer, the other a convicted terrorist. However it is the cell that could be more sinister then the inmates themselves.

THE LOFT (Dominic Grose)

Sara is awaiting someone this night, but who? We don’t know, but whomever it was, it was someone important. However, when strange paranormal manifestations start to occur from her loft, Sara believes that her eagerly awaited visitor might be closer than she thought but it might not necessarily be what she expected.

THE SHROUD (Marie Vandelannoote)

In the early 20’s, in Brittany, nothing separates the fantasy world from the real world. By trying to make fun of old legends, the young Katic will learn to her regret that one should never mock the dead.



4.30pm – Little Terrors 7

4.30pm  88 mins  £8

HÄUSCHEN, THE LEGACY (Pedro Martins, Paulo A.M. Oliveira)

Lost in the woods during a stormy night, a young couple, Maria e Miguel, take shelter in a forest cottage owned by a bizarre lumberjack with an obsession with breadcrumbs. He persuades them to stay overnight but the idea alarms Miguel, while Maria seems to see this place as a perfect scenario to spice up their relationship – a place where, apparently, the lumberjack does not live alone.

JUDGEMENT (Sean Healy)

Tom accompanies his date back to her flat with high hopes. Despite mounting evidence to the contrary, surely it’ll all work out fine?…
A cautionary tale about instincts, both trusting and ignoring them.

FILTH (Adam Ciolfi)

Bloodied, bruised and left for dead a man will stop at nothing to exact gruesome revenge on those who wronged him. Aggressive, raw and unrelenting FILTH establishes a new high water mark from director Adam Ciolfi. With 8 major awards and 14 nominations to date, FILTH is aggressively building its reputation on the film festival circuit.

OFF FLEEK (Steven Dorrington)

Teenager Emma suffers horrendous cyber bullying and her worse fears come true as the body shaming abuse she receives online begins to transform her appearance. She decides to take drastic action, which has disastrous consequences for herself and her family.

CHEAT (Chris Tolley)

A young man’s girlfriend begins to transform into the women he has cheated on her with.


The mother of a recently deceased son grieves quietly in her house when all of a sudden, her old rocking chair starts to move on it’s own. The question is, is she losing her mind to grief or is this antique serving as a conduit to another realm?

FUN MORE (Wally Chung)

A war of words leads to an epic standstill.


The keyboardist of a rock band wakes up in the woods to discover she and her bandmates have narrowly survived a horrifying car crash. Unable to leave the scene she desperately strives to stay alive and piece together what happened.


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