Unrestricted View Film Festival – Award Nominated Shorts 1

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  • Award Nominated Shorts 1
     27 April, 2019
     3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Venue: Vue Islington
Saturday 27th April 3pm, £8
90 mins

A selection of the short films which have been nominated.

Skip Girl (UK, Dir: Annabel Vine)

BEN, 40’s struggles when his obsessive wife, TOR insists on a revamp of their home. She relegates much of his comforting ‘junk’ to a skip. Enter non-conformer SKIP GIRL who helps herself to his discarded legacy. Ben, uneasy with a stranger having his stuff decides to stalk her to find out what value she has found in the things his wife rejected.

Panta Rhei (France, Dir: Wouter Bongaerts)

Like the beached whales he studies, introverted marine biologist Stefaan flees the ocean. But floods, leaking faucets and endless rain keep seeping into his life, and he can’t keep the water out…

The Smell of Petrol (UK, Dir: Branko Tomovic)

Single mom Jackie works as a human trafficker for illegal immigrants. She faces an unbearable task when she is confronted with a refugee baby.

Sump (UK, Dir: Mike Wozniak)

When Sally’s husband is trapped in an underground cave during a diving accident she finds herself trapped in the company of a talkative constable and an unwelcome guest.

Regrets (UK, Dir: AJ Sykes)

Mary (Kate Donnelly) sees her husband Jim (Lenny Mullen) in a hospital bed breathing with an oxygen mask. Through several flashbacks we see Mary’s life full of turmoil, from enduring years of physical and mental abuse from her childhood to adulthood. Jim removes his oxygen mask and the room begins to radiate with white light and he sees Mary in her red dress from all those years ago. Suddenly the illusion is shattered as Mary leaves.

Worthless (UK, Dir: Dave Fulton)

An English, middle-class housewife weighs her options after finding her never-finishes-a-project husband in a compromising position.

The Accident (UK, Dir: Kellie Higgins)

David has cracked open the hummus for a friend who has popped round. When his wife, Loney, returns from the gym she calls him into the kitchen. She’s covered in blood. And it’s not hers. She tells him it was an accident, but is hiding something. Trying to ensure the friend doesn’t overhear, she finally confesses that she bludgeoned a man to death with her water bottle because he was walking too slowly.

Paris You Got Me (Germany, Dir: Julie Boehm)

The street artist George lures Ksenia into his magic world of art illusions.
On her daily way home the protagonist Ksenia accidentally comes across the street-painter George.
Unimpressed by his illusionistic work – showing a deep abyss – Ksenia starts challenging the illusion by throwing a stone on the painted ground. Drawing her closer with a magic trick, George makes her reach the edge of the painting. Ksenia stumbles and falls – right into the abyss – which turns real in that very moment. Seconds later the two find themselves in a parallel cosmos. Their steps turn into dancing taps, gestures into splashes of paint, their action into art and art into the creation of an own reality.

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