Unrestricted View Film Festival 2023: Day Three – Great White Shark Encounters, Shorts 2 & Wild Bones

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  • Great White Shark Encounters
     26 April, 2023
     5:00 pm - 6:30 pm
  • Shorts 2
     26 April, 2023
     7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
  • Wild Bones
     26 April, 2023
     9:00 pm - 10:30 pm

26th April 5pm, 7pm & 9pm  £8 (per screening), £12 (Day Pass) & £30 (Full Festival Pass)

Great White Shark Encounters – 5pm

Documentary – Directed by Jason Perryman

UK 63 Minutes

63 minute documentary on the relationship between Great White Sharks and humans, showing the positive and negative interactions between us – how it can benefit us both, and be destructive to these magnificent but vulnerable creatures.

We will see how close human and White Shark relationships can be, from free-diving with White Sharks and us opening their mouths by touching their nose, to how closer and safe positive interactions can possibly help and even save us both. But we then investigate how humans’ negative treatments of Great Whites is still killing them despite their protections, making us ask what is the future for the survival of these wonderful animals.


Shorts 2 – 7pm

The Red Ball – Directed by George Morgan (UK)

Clinging onto his red ball, Bamike leaves the big city of London for a small town where his family can get a fresh start after a family tragedy.

Talking to Myself – Directed by Joe Seligman (UK)

A day in the life of Leo, a student who lives his life through duplicate versions of himself.

The Mourning Bird – Directed by George Somner (UK)

The Mourning Bird is a coming of age story that takes an intimate look into a 13 year old boys first encounter with grief.

The Silent Treatment – Directed by Joe Bor (UK)

A short film about an elderly Jewish man who goes to synagogue to make a confession.

Mažoji – Directed by Aistė S. Gram (Lithuania)

Told through the perspective of a toddler, this is a story of a family’s first encounter with schizophrenia.

Pádraig – Directed by Brian Benjamin Dwyer (Ireland)

A visit to a historic French Chateau brings an unexpected encounter.

Sisterly Love – Directed by Thea Balich & Tom Knight (UK)

When Erin faces a tough time in the playground, Rose rises up in fierce defence of her little sister, but soon realises that all she needs is love.

The Turn Of The Screw – Directed by Chris Michael Fretwell (UK)

ENGLAND 1981, unemployment is on the rise and the first Brixton Riot is around three months away from exploding on the streets of South London. The SUS law is helping corrupt police officers to incarcerate innocent young black men as the police would turn up in the court and act as witnesses. The CPS was introduced in 1986 which put an end to this controversial procedure. But it wasn’t only ethnic minorities who were the victims of the UK penal system. Danny Arthur attacks a prison officer in the hope to get moved off the wing, he has just joined Ambrose Cook in his cell, a black inmate who is waiting for his parole in a couple of months. Both inmates are locked in the cell waiting for their fates to be decided by the prison officers.


Wild Bones – 9pm

Directed by Jack James

Feature 87 mins uk

ay reconnects with her sister, Alice, as she misremembers the cause of her Father’s disappearance and allows it to consume her.

Fay lives a life that is blurred and frayed at the edges; memories are catching up with her as past cruelties, and tragedies collide into sharp focus through a myriad of visions and half-remembered history.

Fay’s sister, Alice, reaches out and reveals that they have been left a house by their missing Father, now presumed dead. To retrieve her Father’s house, Fay has to meet with Candace, Alice’s biological Mother and the woman Fay holds responsible for her past trauma.

The two sisters attempt to rebuild their relationship, while trying to convince one another of the truth about their family and their history.


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