Unrestricted View Film Festival 2023: Day Five – Sidi Abed, Surviving Pulse, Summit Mentality, Shorts 4 & Secrets of A Wallaby Boy

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  • Sidi Abed
     28 April, 2023
     1:00 pm - 2:30 pm
  • Surviving Pulse: Life After a Mass Shooting
     28 April, 2023
     3:00 pm - 4:30 pm
  • Summit Mentality
     28 April, 2023
     5:00 pm - 6:30 pm
  • Shorts 4
     28 April, 2023
     7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
  • Secrets of a Wallaby Boy
     28 April, 2023
     9:00 pm - 10:30 pm

28th April 1pm, 3pm, 5pm, 7pm & 9pm  £8 (per screening), £12 (Day Pass) & £30 (Full Festival Pass)


Sidi Abed (Treacherous Memory) – 1pm

Directed by Chaquir Achahbar

Feature 97 Minutes (Morocco)

Amine is totally dependent on his wife, Ouafae, and his 12 years old daughter, Lina, as he lost his memory and self-awareness and can no longer speak nor recognize any one. One day, while waking with him on the beach, Lina is approached by Inas, a mysterious young woman. As Amine hears Inas’ laughter, he says her name. Ouafae and Lina regain hope and ask Inas to help Amine recover his memory. Inas does help Amine, but she also seduces him so that, as he heals, Amine ends up divorcing Ouafae and marrying Inas. While Ouafae falls into a deep depression, Lina is totally overwhelmed, feeling guilty for the family break-up. Yet, she would not give up on bringing her parents back together.


Surviving Pulse: Life After a Mass Shooting – 3pm

Directed by Alexa Sheehan

Documentary 83 mins (USA)

On June 12th, Pulse Nightclub was hopping with happy club goers until the unthinkable happened, a terrorist attack affecting hundreds of people and taking 49 lives. This attack would be known as the largest massacre in US history. We are bringing you exclusive interviews with survivors and victims families talking about how Pulse Nightclub was a safe place for the LGBTQ community. A place where everyone was family and patrons could be themselves.
Stories of some of the survivors who haven’t had the opportunity to tell their accounts of that night, and how it affected them. These interviews take place over a 5 year period so we get to see how their lives have changed and what struggles remain.


Summit Mentality – 5pm

Directed by Oliver Loom

Documentary 58 minutes (UK)

Three amateur runners take on the biggest challenge of their lives as they endure a 24 hour ultra running race climbing Mount Snowdon in Wales. Through the film learn about the importance of taking on challenges and the impact it has on ones mental health.

Ted is an unemployed amateur runner. In his late teenage years Ted struggled from anxiety and did very little physical activity. Through running Ted was able to work through his mental health issues and decided he wanted to take on increasingly difficult endurance challenges.

Travis is a PT who has never trained in a running event before. Growing up Travis faced adversity due to his height as people didn’t think he was capable of taking part in sports teams saying he was too small.

Joe is a semi-professional football referee. The race falls on the anniversary of Joe’s grandad’s death who sadly passed away from prostate cancer. Joe takes on the race in his grandfathers memory while also proving to himself that he can do whatever he sets his mind to.


Shorts 4 – 7pm

Swing to the Moon –  Directed by Marie BORDESSOULE, Adriana BOUISSIE, Nadine DE BOER, Elisa DRIQUE, Chloé LAUZU, Vincent LEVRERO, Solenne MOREAU (France)

Living in the forest, little spider Temi dreams of catching the Moon. For that, she will do anything.

‘Who’s Counting?’ – Directed by Ben Lankester (UK)

‘Who’s Counting?’ tells the story of a couple as they endure the pain and trauma of successive miscarriages.

Smiley Face – Directed by François Ricard-Sheard (Canada)

Three young women experience the nightmare of being devoured by a humanoid creature.

Bubble – Directed by Luke Andrews (UK)

BUBBLE explores love, loss, isolation and mental health during the COVID pandemic and asks “Who are we when no one’s watching?”

ROALD – Directed by BIGACHE Clara, CHAVALLE Laurent, CHENE Julie, CHOPINET Thibault, GAUCHERON Armand, LHEUREUX Alexis, PRONE Maxime (France)

A birthday party escalate when an toad who perceives life in a cute and colorful way meets a paranoiac fly.

When One Door Closes – Directed by Tom Waterhouse, Thomas Kean (UK)

A disposal employee uncovers the secrets and hidden riches of a once decadent manor. But one man’s treasure is another man’s trap.

This Girl Lost Her Body – Directed by Ruby Phelan

Innocent – Directed by Carolin Pech

Everyone Forgot – Directed by Theo Kai Marlow (UK)

It’s Lily’s birthday and nobody seems to care. Desperate for some form of recognition on her special day, Lily turns to a handyman service for company.


Secrets of a Wallaby Boy – 9pm

Directed by Kieron Moore

Feature 75 Minutes (UK)

When Tim becomes a courier for the app Wallaby, he reckons he can turn his life around: get fit, earn some money, and even get laid. He’s not accounted for his own haplessness, an antique teapot collection, and a sinister conspiracy. A modern-day queer sex comedy, featuring COLIN BAKER (Doctor Who), MARK BENTON (Anna and the Apocalypse) and LAURENCE R. HARVEY (The Human Centipede 2 & 3).


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