Unrestricted View Film Festival 2022 – Day 7 (May 1st)

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  • Shorts 6
     1 May, 2022
     12:30 pm - 2:00 pm
  • Shorts 7
     1 May, 2022
     2:30 pm - 4:00 pm
  • Shorts 8
     1 May, 2022
     4:30 pm - 6:00 pm
  • Shorts 9
     1 May, 2022
     6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

May 1st 12.30pm, 2.30pm, 4.30pm & 6.30pm £8


12.30pm – Shorts 6

Stargazer (Directed by Arvind Jay) STARGAZER follows an estranged, disconnected family on a journey through the stars as they come together after a recent loss.

Like You (Directed by Marco Gosalvez) A child with Down syndrome wants to go to a casting for actors, but he doesn’t dare because of his condition. His mother encourages him to come forward, with unexpected results.

Ticking (Directed by Dean Barker) In this psychological thriller, we dive into the schizophrenic mind of a middle-aged man, Norman. Reality and unreality are in a constant battle within him. As the events unfold we see a glimpse of hope underneath his suffering.

The Last Jam Jar (Directed by Arpan Bahl) Inspired by a true story, it is a story of eternal love, caught in a moment. On their special day, Govind spends a moment, a day with Leela, as if in a trance. Until the day ends and he must go back. Will the trance break?

Candle Cops (Directed by Tony Collingwood) When a gold candle stick goes missing from the convent, all hell breaks loose. But no-one seems to care about the snuffed out candle left behind. Until Detective Joe arrives on the scene.

Bugged (Directed by Will Akbar) A reclusive computer programmer is offered the opportunity of a lifetime, but when his apartment becomes infested with insects he struggles with a disturbing and familiar dread, one that is escalating and threatens to derail his pursuit.

Answers (Directed by Ben Lovejoy) A new take on the classic ‘mysterious box’ theme. Shot during lockdown with one actor, one filmmaker and one assistant.

The Effigy of Mary Seer (Directed by Ross Jameson) A young girl finds an old doll in the remnants of a bonfire. She has no idea how it got there, or where it came from. But when she discovers that she can see through the doll’s eye, she will uncover the terrifying truth.


2.30pm – Shorts 7

Finding Wilson (Directed by Emily M. Smith) A young girl’s life is changed forever when she meets a stranger in a quiet, woodland clearing.

I Am (Directed by Ludovica Musumeci) A short film exploring schizophrenia and breaking its stigmas.

Mnemosyn: Resolution Service (Directed by Jeda Cacioli & Scott Kingsnorth) Mnemosyn is a
memory download service offering storage for the
mind in digital form.

Divide – Time to Breathe (Directed by Anthony Paulino) Gerald, an African American teenager who believes in taking a stance against the injustice to his people, and rebels against his father Jerome, a retired police officer, who does not agree with the methods implemented by the BLM supporters in 2020.

A Change in Time (Directed by Pat Knight) Seized by Time Agents, Sam discovers the action of time travellers from the future have erased his family tree. He no longer exists. With the help of his cousin Eliza, can they find a way to restore their timelines and save their family?

Group Think: Brain Bug (Directed by Lars Magnus Holmgren) A Short film about how we are brainwashed by everyday information.

Honey (Directed by Madeline Toal) Jake is eager to meet his girlfriend’s parents, but a series of unexpected obstacles puts the meeting in jeopardy.

Quiet Moments (Directed by Lucy Birnie) Anne has been living on Cora’s family farm for over a year and the two have become incredibly close. Cora is becoming increasingly stressed about the farm’s deteriorating financial situation.


4.30pm – Shorts 8

In the Woods with a Dead Dog (Directed by Vera Graziadei) Sydney, ex-principal breadwinner for an ex-thriving family finds himself in the pre-dawn woods with an ex-dog in his hands.

The Last Audition (Directed by Kamen Staykov) A single mother struggles to balance between providing for her daughter and pursuing her dream of being on the big screen.

Poles (Directed by Kieran Bourne) A lonely young woman struggles to deal with her melancholy despite the efforts of friends and family.

It’s All in Your Head (Directed by Kelsey Darragh) What happens when something depressing happens to someone with depression?

Hand Drawn (Directed by David James Holloway & Samuel Lawrence) After the death of his wife, Ben brings her back to life in an unconventional way. A film made during the COVID19 pandemic, which deals with themes of isolation and loss.

The Rebirthing Club (Directed by Valentina Carrasco Thayer) David Adams is a young man who has voluntarily closed his eyes to avoid heartbreak. After life has dealt him so many failed loves, he decides to face his trauma by undergoing a particular therapy that takes place in a swimming pool.

Caught (Directed by Fred Kelly) Caught by Kathryn O’Reilly is a dark comedy. Jay visits Rita’s photographic studio seeking revenge on an abusive partner.

Mr Wong’s Lullaby (Directed by Clare Langford) Social worker Norah struggles to balance her demanding workload with caring for her elderly father Horace, an ex-POW who has dementia.

Journey (Directed by Panji Kaonga) When life couldn’t get any worse, Jack realises his flight is from Glasgow and not Gatwick. Attempting to catch a last minute train from London, he is confronted with his stage in life by his fellow passengers.


6.30pm – Shorts 9

Slave to the Page (Directed by Ravi Ghelani) An obsessive fan abducts a reclusive author, to an abandoned area, in a desperate attempt to satisfy his craze and discover the plot of an unreleased novel.

2020 (Directed by Heléna Antonio) 2020 is the year in which everything seems to have stopped. However, Life always has different plans.

Number 37 (Directed by Alejandro Chab) A man says goodbye to his mother. feelings of sadness and guilt are mixed in him. he remembers his childhood, his toys, the man still preserves childish features. The loss and the need to accept death immerse him in an initiatory adventure, in the land where everything is free: dreams.

A Bright Idea (Directed by Patrick Swan & Edward Palmer) Walter, a wallflower, fails to impress his gregarious crush, Simon. Devastated, he takes extreme action which thrusts him into a turn of the century Silent Film.

Feast (Directed by Gillian Harker) A woman reverts into self-loathing and food abuse after her actions cause a relationship to fail – the fallout documented in voice notes and lack of responses.

The Gossip (Directed by Rolfin Nyhus) A young woman’s self-esteem shatters when her best friend launches into a tirade.

Strange Waters (Directed by Andy McLeod) Four strangers. A remote fort out at sea. A private party with an absent host. The tale of four soldiers who jumped to their death. Was it the isolation or some thing else? Will the fort claim it’s next victims or can they all survive until morning?


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