Unrestricted View Film Festival 2022 – Day 5 (April 29th)

We're sorry, but all tickets sales have ended because the event is expired.
  • Death to the N Word
     29 April, 2022
     12:30 pm - 1:30 pm
  • Reversal
     29 April, 2022
     2:30 pm - 3:45 pm
  • Documentary Shorts 1
     29 April, 2022
     4:30 pm - 6:00 pm
  • Shorts 2
     29 April, 2022
     6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
  • Low Rollers
     29 April, 2022
     8:30 pm - 10:20 pm

29th April 12.30pm, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm & 8pm £8


12.30pm – Death to the N Word

Directed by Sadiq Abdul-Aleem (USA, 56 mins)

Solid question of what it means for people in all different walks of life, that really in the end decides that we would all probably be better off without it.


2pm – Reversal

Directed by Jack Skyyler & Alex Zinzopoulos (USA, 73 mins)

In a social-drama set in an alternate time-line where Caucasians are the racially oppressed minority, Reversal follows the romance of two high-school students: Sammy and Ella, one from a rich African-American family, and the other from poor white trash. Both Sammy and Ella overcome prejudice and bullying from the dysfunctional families and environments and bring with them a little bit of change.


4pm – Documentary Shorts 1

Dazwischen Die Mauer: Inbetween the Wall (directed by Rhea Schmitt) This follows a group of amateur actors and actresses on their journey of developing an autobiographic play about their different experiences growing up and living in East and West Germany, the reunification and the time since then.

Concrete Creations (Directed by Madeline Toal) A study of Ivan Higgins, a skilled concrete sculptor who has created a sprawling artistic garden in Liverpool, Nova Scotia.

Dajla! Cinema & Oblivion (Directed by Arturo Dueñas Herrero) Life is going on in Dakhla, one of the Sahrawi refugee camps in southern Algeria, forgotten for 45 years. The celebration of a film festival, the Fisahara, breaks the monotony. The event ends, life (and oblivion) continues.

Women at War – Un Violador en tu camino (Directed by Daniel Sultan) A movement of incredible audacity and power that is rapidly taking the world by storm. It is feminist. It is political.


6pm – Shorts 2

Terms of Engagement (Directed by Phina Brooks) A clever young woman tired of waiting for a slow-moving man to ask for her hand in marriage, partners with a local barmaid to trick him into finally popping the question.

Aleeya (Directed by Nina Mahesh) Aleeya attempts to break away from the life of most transgender women in India in search of normalcy. The harder she tries to break away from the only world she knew of begging and prostitution, the more she is haunted by a society that won’t accept her. A dark road awaits her, but can she find her way through?

Fish out of Water (Directed by Jacob Melling) ‘Fish’ feels like she’s drowning, and her usual lifejacket of cheap wine and flapjacks isn’t working. But it’s her best friends birthday party.. she’s picked up the cake, all she has to do now is get ready and go…

Goldstar (Directed by Alyssa Owsiany) An intimate look at the difference between love and relationships.

Life’s a Show (Directed by Harvey Puttock) After Matt’s play is cancelled he realises his life lacks direction. Taking this thought all too literal, he decides to hire a director to help guide him through his everyday life.

Green Lanes (Directed by Güni Koçak & Marie Drisch) Haringey, North London. Present day. When Yusuf brings his girlfriend Fiona home to finally meet his Turkish parents, the family has to deal and remember a tragedy.

Aydin (Directed by Mirabbas Khosravinezhad) Aydin is going to play outside of the home, but his mother prevents him from going out because of air pollution.


8pm – Low Rollers

Directed by Jack Grewar (UK, 113 mins)

A bunch of corrupt cops in a quiet Northern town become embroiled in a sinister revenge plot following the release of notorious criminal Marvin Shaw.


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